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Argentina & Chile

Don't we go on vacation to escape paperwork? Fabian is free from the hospital and happy to have a plastic free esophagus. After six days the paperwork our car was supposed to come with should be complete. We've enjoyed the food and wine in Argentina, but are here at the wrong time for good water levels. The itch to paddle some whitewater is insistent, we pack up the car and dedicate the day to getting over the border.

Making some adjustments to our roof rack on the 230k drive back to Mendoza.

Rok Sribar hanging tough and enjoying ice cream in Mendoza.

In town we make a quick stop by the rental agency to make sure all the paperwork looks good. They give us the thumbs up and we head up Uspallata Pass, it's an hour or two to the actual border at 12,000'

Looking up a tributary to the Mendoza River.

We make an obligatory stop at the Inca's Bridge.

It's an amazing spot and a quick google search didn't reveal much history about the natural bridge.

Looking up toward the pass is quite a sight, note the highway on the bottom right.

Aconcagua, highest peak in South America. Did our car change color?

That's a pretty big mountain.

From left to right, Darin McQuoid, Rok Sribar,
Fabian Bonanno, Andrej Bijuklic  and Igor Mlekuž.

Wait isn't that the same rafting parking lot on the Mendoza river?

Apparently we didn't have all the paperwork we needed. So we were sent back ~2 hours to Mendoza to figure things out. Eventually the rental car company just gave us the same model car with the correct paperwork. Good thing they didn't have anything larger with the correct paperwork. By the time all was said and done we spend another night in Argentina.

It all fits, note the squashed suspension of the poor rental, and that's before we get in.

Crossing the border into Chile we get to empty the whole car for customs.

You want the original paperwork and we will keep the copies? Rok sets the lady straight, that is not happening!

Only 3,000km later we make it into Chile.

Seven days of in country travel, let's hope we find some good whitewater tomorrow! (coming soon)

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