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Butte Creek - Coleman Playspot

Johnny Chase with flows around 1,500cfs.

Let me start by saying there is probably a better locals name for this play spot - if so please contact me and I'll update the name. Some play spots come and go, yet this one persists. I first went to it longer ago than I'd like to admit, somewhere between ten and fifteen years ago. Over the years it has not changed. It's a nice wide feature, a bit shallow but great for front surfing, spinning and the occasional not really vertical blunt. Loops can be had if you can find the deep spot, but it's not very retentive. On the other hand eddy service is fantastic.

Located about thirty minutes out of Chico, access is good if not obvious; From Highway 99 take Skyway west towards Paradise aka "Pleasure".  Shortly after leaving Chico's sprawl, make a left onto Honey Run Road. Follow several miles until a left turn onto Centerville Road (just before Honey Run crosses Butte Creek). Several miles later cross Butte Creek and make a left onto Coleman Ranch Road and follow to the river. This may be gated, and if so park off the pavement and walk to the river.

Flows are best between 1,000 and 1,600 on the Butte Creek Gauge.

Ashley Brown

Johnny Chase links some spins.

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