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Callaghan River

Jess Matheson

The Callaghan River is one of the most classic in the Whistler area. Easy logistics and a short length make it possible and popular to enjoy after work. On our particular trip it's our first time into the Whister area and we get bogged down getting through Vancouver due to road construction. Lucky for us it's a short run. Our luck continues as we meet Gerard Meszaros, a Canadian paddler who knows the run. Best known for two clean waterfalls, Callaghan Creek is full of good IV to easy V rapids and kind of pool drop if that makes sense. The pools are not flat swimming pools, but it's not non-stop in your face action either. The pools are generally moving water with eddies.

We park at a wide spot and walk to the put in. It's possible to do the same at a bridge higher up but reportedly the river isn't good up there at these low water levels. It starts off rocky but narrows up to nice channels in just a hundred yards.

Daniel Brasuell with some nice evergreens.

Just a little ways into the run we make a quick portage on the right around a river wide ledge with a nasty cave. At higher flows it's good on the right but that's exactly where we're walking. No big deal, it's an easy portage and we make quick time to above the first waterfall where we pause for beta from Gerard.

Diane Gaydos enjoying the first falls of Callaghan Creek.

Daniel Brasuell boofs the same.

Eric Chance in the run out.

The first falls leads quickly into the second waterfall that is strikingly different. Daniel Brasuell.

Jess Matheson

Following someone that knew the run we didn't get out for the rest of the action. In the following days we'd lap Callaghan at least once a day, enjoying a great mix of people to paddle with. Despite many laps we never motivated enough to capture any of the in between rapids, which are quite fun. It would be a long day of none in the group knew the river.

The best birthday on the river celebration I've ever seen, Rata Lovell-smith brings cupcakes and candles down for Phil Ip.

Beta: Steve Rodger's has good beta at Liquid Lore as well as Daniel Brasuell has good detail at A Wet State.