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Argentina & Chile

There is clear divergence in the group. Some are here for the overall lifestyle, and some just for the kayaking. These kind of things happen but can be tough to deal with. It's almost noon and we're still waiting for people to get up. Once all are (mostly) alive it's time to choose a river. We don't have a whole lot of options and head to the Rio Trancura. I raise concerns about whitewater needs being satisfied on a commercial rafting river but am assured I won't regret it. Apparently when it's sunny out there is great scenery. Not so much when it's overcast and drizzling. The one big rapid proves to be entertaining, and the rest, well, just what you would expect from a commercial grade III-IV river.

Fabian Bonnano

The Trancura is enough for most of the team and they head back to the hostel to continue recovery. A few of us take one car back for a quick Palguin lap in the rain.

Yoshi Takahashi enjoying another lap.

Amazing to have two channels that are both perfect twenty footers. Retrospectively I should have asked them each to run a channel. Rok Sribar boofs out.

Knowing the run a little better we fly through the portage rapid down to boof to swim. Yoshihiro Takahashi boofs.

Rok Sribar boofs away.

That wraps up our day, and the evening passes in debate on what to do. Eventually we have a plan, even though we know it will change in the morning.

Rain brings up the Puesco.

Yoshihiro Takahashi in the lush vegetation of the Puesco.

We boat scout through the Puesco, it's not much for photos in the rain, which is not supposed to stick around, so we pack up and head south, hoping to catch the fabled Rio Cochamo.

Keeping in classy in Chile at a gas station.

On to the Cochamo? 

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