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Clear Creek "Lower" II-III

   Perhaps the most overlooked II-III run in California. This run is simply all about the scenery, which is nothing short of world class. Almost the entire run is composed of a beautiful gorge with lush growth and plentiful waterfalls. The water quality is top notch as well, flowing out of the Siskiyou Wilderness. Visibility in the water can be up to 15’. This run is a great beginner/intermediate run, with deep gorges and beautiful scenery in a safe setting.

   Take-out is about 6 miles south of Happy Camp, where the Highway 96 Bridge crosses the Klamath.

   To get to the put-in, drive ¼ mile back upstream on 96 and take the dirt road on the left across from Wingate Bar. Follow the signs towards the Clear Creek trailhead, staying left on maintained dirt road if in doubt. You will drive a long distance well above the river, and then start to lose elevation. Once you start losing elevation keep a lookout to the left for the Slippery View River Access sign. Follow the steep trail to the river, and enjoy the beauty and quality of this run.

    Flows generally when Indian Creek @ Happy Camp is between 400 and 1500. 

I wonder how it got named?

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