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Corsica Diary 7

Cold rain and snow up high arrived with Daniel Brasuell. We woke in the morning and decided to do a quick repeat of the Middle Vecchio, then the Fium Orbo at lower water before heading south.

Hmm no snow up there a few days ago.

Daniel Brasuell and Paul Gamache. As 'Mericans we just can't get enough of the history and old bridges here.

All these little towns are too cute.

Rok Sribar dropping into one of the most famous rapids in Corsica, the Red Rocket on the Fium Orbo.

The Red Rocket again, nice to return and run this one.

We paddled down through the lower Fium Orbo and really enjoyed it too. Not sure why people break it up into so many sections, we had no problem doing them all back to back. Perhaps we were lucky with our water level?

Once off the Fium Orbo we head south to camp in warmer weather on the coast. The Corsican vineyards look a bit nicer than the ones we see in California's central valley.

Not a bad spot to wake up to...

Corsica Diary 8

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