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Salmon River, playspot "Dirka Dirka" IV

With the loss of Oak Bottom, everyone’s favorite playspot on the California Salmon, all the local boaters were hoping that a good wave would come in somewhere else on the Salmon. The Cal-Salmon was blessed by the 2006 flood with “Dirka Dirka” a wave which people agree is better then Oak Bottom. The bad news is the wave needs high flows, over 6’ on the Salmon gauge (roughly 5,000cfs) and word has it that Dirka improves as flows get higher (epic at 8,000).

It’s likely that Dirka Dirka will never have the long eddy lines that Oak Bottom occasionally had. Dirka Dirka lies about a half mile upstream of Cascade and has no road access, so access consists of paddling from Nordheimer to Cascade at flows above the recommended level. Everything is still just big class IV with a nice sneak on the left around a big hole at Airplane Turn.

These images were taken with flows around 6.5’ on the gauge.

Aisha Hill and the blunt.

Aisha Hill throwing a Helix.

The author with a blunt.

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