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Ecuador 2017/2018

A new morning in Tena but no new rain for us, so we deliberate on what to do.

We decide to check out the Upper Misahualli, which is almost on the outskirts of town.

Flows look to be on the low side of low, but we decide low water is better than no water and put in. Shannamar Dewey

Big rocks and low water lead to some blind horizons so we scout a few.

Whitney Lonsdale probes a boulder garden.

Despite the proximity to town, scenery is quite nice.
Keith Kishiyama.

One last rocky rapid leads us to the El Reten bridge. We'd planned to continue through the lower but have had enough of the low water and take out instead. Shannamar Dewey and
Keith Kishiyama.

It's a rather steep hike up on this side of the river, but the old bridge makes it photogenic.

As there is a school nearby...

Loading up as rain threatens.

A look at the start of the lower section of the Misahualli.

We go out to eat, and it rains and pours. The river ends up rising five to ten feet during our meal.

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