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Japan 2012

Green on green

The whitewater highlight from last year was the Zakogawa. When we were in the area it was obvious there was a lot of other whitewater up and down the watershed, but most of it was too high. Now, with our warm-up done, we head back up the Zakogawa to see what the rest of it is like.

Heading into a long tunnel.

Driving up the beautiful canyon it was obvious the river was at a good level. We were too scared to tackle it the year before, but we scrapped out plans of heading further up the watershed and put on at a beautiful red bridge. At this point the river is known as the Nakatsugawa, and we know there should be a portage or two down here because of dams.

Yoshi Takahashi at put-in.

A mile or two of beautiful read and run III-IV follows, but ends with some dam portaging, the first around a sixty foot dam. After that we enjoy a touch of whitewater and portage two smaller. We planned on taking out here at a bridge, but it's still early in the day and we decide to paddle on through the lower section too.

Charcter changes, the canyon tightens and rapids get steeper. Yoshi prepairs to launch a boof.

Daniel Brasuell enjoys the same.

Shannamar Dewey airs to high five the lucky cat.

On to the Upper 

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