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Japan 2012

A dam controls flow for the Kiyotsu. Having had so much fun on the lower run, we confer that camping at put-in is good so we should minimize driving and try the rarely done upstream section. We drive through a few ski resorts that happen to have the world's cutest mascots; eventually finding put-in. Said put-in is the dam, and we are quickly turned away by authorities. Perhaps there is an alternate put-in? We search around a while but have no luck, and eventually return to take out. Skunked. A few of us paddle from the take out bridge down to our previous put-in and it's pretty fun. Then we load up and head to a new area. We've heard good beta on a short little section of the Shimagawa.

If only I had the thought of pulling out the tripod and doing a long exposure for this beautiful morning.

Champarling. Is it champagn in a can? You'll have to try it to find out.

Of course!

I think someone is having regrets about a rushed last second gasket repair.

Arriving in the afternoon, we park just below a dam. No authorities around this time, so we get ready. Skunked Japan style; there is still time to paddle a new river. The Shimagawa proves to be short, fun, incredibly scenic and one of the most friendly rivers in the world. Yet another Japanese classic that should be on the hit list. If a two minute run can be considered classic.

Yoshihiro Takahashi getting a few paddle strokes in.

Diane Gaydos

Daniel Brasuell

Lush vegetation and clear water...Shannamar Dewey.

Running shuttle.

On to the Lower Nakatsugawa & Kamagawa

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