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Japan 2012

Now we know exactly what's happening with this watershed.

The Zakogawa was a true highlight of our previous trip. Now that we've paddled our way up the watershed, so to speak, it's time for the classic section. There is a chance we can run one more waterfall at the put-in, and focused on that I direct the team to our previous put-in forgetting that just a half mile downstream is a much better access point.

Good thing they plow this road!

The trailhead.

Before gearing up I hike down to see the second waterfall. The first just doesn't go, but maybe the second does. That's exactly the conclusion I come to this time again. It's just impossible to tell of the landing is deep, and there is a ton of water flowing off the thirty foot waterfall. Once again we descend the very steep slope below the waterfall and soak in the beauty of the Zakgogawa.
Rok Sribar just below put in.

Flows are perfect as we make quick time down to the other access point. Oh yes, the other access point...it's a diversion dam. Suddenly flows are low. Still fun, but low.

Laura Farrell

We can read and run what was scary before, and the water has incredible color at this flow. Diane Gaydos

David Maurier finishing a nice double set.

Daniel Brasuell takes a good boof.

Another great rapid on the Zakogawa.

Then the big one. It was a big deal last time, and now it's no different. It still pushes into an undercut, although not as quickly. Boofing is out of the question. Knowing how bad the portage is, I run it far left again.

Rok Sribar takes a center line.

After making the portage, most the team agrees that it is probably less dangerous to run than portage.

Yoshi Takahashi exits the gorge.

Rain pours as we pull into take out. We stick to our program for the trip and pay to use the Onsen at take out. Soaking in hot water after a long day on the river, worth every penny.

Back to our Zakogawa camp for a peaceful nights sleep.

On to the Upper Zakogawa (coming soon)

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