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The White Nile - Dead Dutchman

 The Dead Dutchman is the most rarely run rapid on the White Nile. It's located a good ways downstream of the classic Bujagali Falls run, and since none of our group are particular fans of flat water we hopped into the van and cruised downstream. Nice to be out of the general business of the nile at the put-in above the double d.

    From our river access we paddled downstream a quarter to a  half mile to reach the top of Dead Dutchman. According to legend back in the early days of rafting, everything on the White Nile was being run but a Dutch rafter, and he was running everything down the middle. Eventually he got down to Dead Dutchman and ran it down the middle, getting stuck in the massive hole and naming the rapid. The crux of the rapid is one massive central hole. It isn't really visible from above either. It's possible to sneak down the left, or run a main line down the right side, narrowly avoiding the hole.

Looking back up at the Dead Dutchman.

Hendri Coetzee gives it a go down the right side.

The run out from the crux move is simply gigantic and fun at the same time. Crashing waves everywhere, Hendri in the mix.


Jesse Coombs in the aerated water run out.

Yup that's a fun one!

   We didn't spend too long at Dead Dutchman, just making one quick run of the rapid then hiking back up trails on the right side of the river. Then we paddled up the flat water back to the van, enjoying some great wildlife sightings in the process. I've always wanted the chance to shoot birds, and they let me get pretty close in my kayak. Shooting from a whitewater kayak with a manual focus lens is no easy task though! Thankfully they were patient with me.

After a short day on the river we headed back to Kampala for the boys to sort through more Congo paperwork.

Up next: Itunda, Hypoxia, Kalagala

Thanks to First Ascent for sponsoring this trip, and to Jackson Kayak, Kokatat, Werner and Bomber Gear for supplying some wonderful gear.