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Ecuador 2017/2018

We wake up in Tena and ask around about water levels. It sounds like the Piatua should have enough water for is, and as a rarity for Ecuador, it has clear water.  Looking upstream from take out.

It's a longer run and the dirt road takes about forty minutes of bumping to reach put-in.

We gear up as a cloud cover rolls in and head downstream, with flows a bit lower than anyone in our group had seen before. Keirith Snyder and Keith Kishiyama.

It's great class IV boat scouting, with the occasional scout for a few blind rapids. Apparently it's easier higher as eddies and visibility improve. Shannamar Dewey.

Keith Kishiyama enjoying a nice boof.

The river never stops, but at our flow it gets a bit manky for the last few miles.

Even at the low flows we really enjoyed the Piatua and it's a shame to hear that a dam is being put in on it.

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