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Ecuador 2017/2018

We take an evenings stroll around Tena and the rivers has risen dramatically from the days rain.

New years decorations are still up and it feels festive.

On the dawn of a new day we debate our options and decide on doing the Middle and Lower Jondachi together. With all the rain, we hope the river will be up, and get an early start so we can enjoy the scenery.

At put in, water is up a little but nothing like we had hoped for. Shannamar Dewey heads downstream.

Good boogie water to start the day, it's not as blind as it had looked to be from above.

Chris Ryman

Dave Prothero and Chris Ryman.

Oh that scenery, it abounds; Shannamar Dewey enjoys it.

Turning downstream the scenery continues.

We get a little beta for one of the more unique rapids on the section.

Then we are on the lower Jondachi, this time we can take photos and go at a relaxed pace.

Side waterfalls abound.

Dave Prothero and the canyon walls.

We make good time to enjoy fine chilled beverages at take out.

Blow outs on international trips are not fun.

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