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Rwenzori: Mountains of the Moon

   Dampness permeates the air. It's always wet.  It's the off season. It is the off season because it's wet. That is why are here. Our hope is to kayak the Bujuku River into the Mubuku. Forming the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda, these are the very headwaters of the Nile. To do this will be an expedition of a different nature. Local law require that we hire porters and stick to the regular routes. 

Lake Albert near the Rwenzori.

One last bit of driving to reach the mountains.

Something new to this region; cell phone pictures of the bright kayaks.

Hendri starts the trail of the Rwenzori.

The porters and guides are the true heroes up here.

Clouds clear during our first night at Nyabitaba Hut, offering a stunning glimpse of night sky.

Wild Orchids line the trail as we start to gain elevation.

On the way to John Matte Hut we will cross the Mubuku River and get our first look at the whitewater potential.

This is not quality whitewater. The reward of running it would be another notch in the belt and that's not what drives me to kayak.

Heroes of the Mountains of the Moon

Jeese Coombs observes a carnivorous pitcher plant.

Jesse double checking our elevation of 11,500'

Soaking in the view.

Clouds lift for a brief moment and we can see Mount Kinyangoma at 14,307'

Incredible to see foliage above ten thousand feet.

The following day will be a long slog to Bujuku Hut at thirteen thousand feet. We will face the first of many bogs in route to the hut. Rain drizzles down as we make an early dinner and settle into the mostly dry hut.

On to Bujuku Hut