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Stepping Stones: V+ Multi Days

Some of the most amazing places in the world. The reward of progressing through all of California’s tough rivers is the chance to run one of these unforgettable expeditions. This post is also going to be a difficulty listing for the classic multi-days, so some runs will be reiterated from the last post. This difficulty listing is of course just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt.

Upper Cherry Creek ** Popular, well known and good bit of hiking, but with a moonscape wonderland and great rapids.

Oregon Kayaking

Upper Cherry Creek

Dinkey Creek - The Waterfalls ** Does it get any better than this? A personal favorite of mine. Six miles of the best kayaking in the world.

8th River

Dinkey Creek

North Fork San Joaquin * Quite a bit of hiking (9 in 3 out) but beautiful scenery and unique rapids

Same Deep Water

8th River

North Fork San Joaquin

Fantasy Falls of the North Fork Mokelumne ** A fantasy land of tough boulder gardens, deep gorges and big slides. You can go big in here. Another personal favorite for the scenery and variety.

Fantasy Falls

8th River

Royal Gorge of the North Fork American River ** Big waterfalls. Big fun. Big chances for serious carnage.

Royal Gorge

Gutters of the Earth

Middle Kings ** Epic in every sense, from hiking over 12,000′ Bishop Pass to the countless class V rapids

Middle Kings

Oregon Kayaking

Upper Middle Kaweah ** Not the longest, most grueling run, but some of the toughest boxed in rapids you’ll ever have to run.

Upper Middle Kaweah

Devil's Postpile of the Middle Fork San Joaquin  **

Middle San Joaquin

Gutters of the Earth