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Talung Two

       Another early morning rise in the Monastery school. The views never fail to impress. Shorty after rising we join the matron of the school for a nice breakfast with tea.

Targain, always a master of witty conversation.

   Finishing breakfast we load up the jeep and start the slow trek back up the narrow dirt road. We'd driven all the way to Be the day before, and decided to head up there again to take a second look at this tributary of the Talung. The rive doesn't look particularly good. In fact from the road we don't see anything that can be run. We walk around Be a bit while Targain culls beta from locals.

The end of the road for vehicular travel. 

Cotton making in the Himalaya is quite a sight to enjoy.

   We eat breakfast and debate what to do. Targain had found that there was a bridge crossing the creek just a kilometer or two below Be. Ben wants to put on here in Be and kayak down to the bridge. I'm not really convinced that it will be kayaking and ponder this over a bowl of Corn Flakes. Blessed relief from curry!
Jesse Coombs and the goodness.

   Ben and Chris decide to put on while we choose to shuttle bunny and head down the road to find the aforementioned bridge.

So when a bridge gets too rotten to walk on, just throw down some bamboo to help spread the weight. I'm sure this would be OSHA approved.

Seriously, missing broken planks...

I wasn't willing to venture out on the bridge, but then a local shows us how it's done. With a good amount of weight too!

Jesse crosses and gives a try like a local.

If nothing else it's a cool place to kill time while we wait for the boys.

Below the bridge something beckons. We can't get too much of a look at it without some serious bushwhacking, and we aren't dressed for such an endeavor.

   As night approaches Ben and Chris emerge from the thick jungle. They'd had a day of "entertaining" portages and ran two rapids. Not too surprising considering what the section looked like. Back in the jeep we head down for one last night in the monastery school at Lingza, planning to come prepared to scout the falls the next morning.

To be continued in Talung Three.

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