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Traverse Creek Falls

Live in California and looking for a (relative) park and huck twenty to thirty footer? If it's been raining heavily look no further than Traverse Creek, North of Placerville.

Aptly named as Traverse Creek, this little gem is more of a hike n huck than park n huck, with most of the hike being a traverse along a tributary. Either way it's an incredibly clean waterfall with nice pools above and below. It takes a major rain event to get Traverse Creek high enough to be soft, and once we had one Jared made the calls and got a crew together for some vertical falling.

Joe Bosquin

We all ran laps on on the falls, even though it's still a bit of a hit. Thomas Moore and I both agreed with Daniel that "there is only once chance to run it blind" and fired away off Jared's beta.

Thanks to Jared Nocetti for manning my camera while I decided to give the paddle a throw.

   Leon Turnbulls page; Waterfalls of California, has great pictures and perfect descriptions to find this gem of the foothills for those looking to get their vertical in without committing themselves to a big run. From Traverse Creek we boogied back to Placerville for a nearly in town rain fed classic, Webber Creek, which is also featured in Jared's video of the day, which can be found here.

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