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Watershed Ocoee

  Companies have to make a product useful to a large market to survive. Watershed drybags are the only really option for keeping camera gear dry on the river. The bags are designed for rafting and kayaking, so I do a little "tune-up" to make mine perfect for going in the back of a kayak.

As pictured on the Watershed web site.

Step #1 Time to remove the superfluous. I cut off the big plastic lash points on the side. These love to catch when trying to get the Ocoee in and out of a kayak. Then I cut the webbing and buckles which go over the top. I leave the buckles on each and and the carry handles.

Step #2 Apply Aquaseal to the top edge of fabric where the bag rolls at each end. Without fail this is where all my Watershed Ocoee's have failed in the past, and putting on the Aquaseal as abrasion resistance will make the bag last much, much longer.

Step #3 Take a three to four foot piece of webbing and tie it on the small lash tab on each end of the bag. Now you can use both hands to climb around and get the perfect angle.

Trimmed and slimmed, a Watershed Ocoee ready to slide into the back of a kayak.