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Corsica Diary  10

A small town's night.

In the morning we have no plan for a river. Our first agenda today is to visit a hot spring and relax before heading out to chase cold water.

A drainage ditch with style and mystery.

Hot springs beside the river. Donation to the collection box is recommended but not necessary. Quite a pleasant way to start the day.

Next to the outdoor hot springs is a large building that is in ruin. It used to house indoor hot springs and Rok was once here when this business was doing well. Are tourists just sticking to the beaches these days or is there another reason for the decline of places like this in Corsica? 

Rok Sribar checking out the interior of the abandoned building.

Ah perfect setting for a horror movie.

Daniel Brasuell, Paul Gamache and Rok Sribar laugh about something outside the abandoned building..

Those in the know say everything in the area is too low, so we head to Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica as well as the birthplace of Napoleon.

Often I'm not sure how group dynamics work. We take our time in Ajaccio, have a leisurely lunch, tour Napoleon's house and then suddenly in the late afternoon, decide that the upper Liamone isn't too low. It's a strange decision considering how late in the day it is, and that it's not a particularly short run. We rushed into our gear as the sun set, and the run was a pure blur of mad bombing to avoid running out of light. Strange, but it made for a fun and rather memorable experience. Just over two hours and eight kilometers of whitewater later we arrived at take out with just twenty minutes of light to spare.

Daniel Brasuell paddles under the takeout bridge for the Upper Liamone.

There is a shelter at take out, which is good because it rains heavily overnight.

Corsica Diary 11

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