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Corsica Diary 2

The Soča River flows all year long and is a staple of European whitewater. For years I've seen photographs where kayaks look like their floating on air. The water quality and color is just incredible. With our extra large snowpack the river is much higher than normal for this time of year, and we won't have the classic water color, instead we get better levels for kayaking. If you want some real reading the wiki for Bovec is actually quite interesting, lots of history here.

 What a setting, Bovec in the Soča River valley.

We're in the shoulder season and town is pretty quiet. Thankfully enough business are open for us to enjoy some wonderful food.

The section we're looking for is downstream of town so we head out of town to adjust to the new kayaks.

Paul Gamache about to enter the
Soča, hard to believe this is bad water color for this river.

Views in every direction, Paul Gamache.

The warm up is quick and fun. Nothing to write home about except the views. We decide it's time to get more warmed up with a run down the "Siphon Section" of the Soča. Perhaps the worst name for a section ever? While not inspiring it's an incredibly accurate name. There are clean lines between the siphons; it's good to be following some locals down.

Rok Sribar, Eric Petlock and Paul Gamache.

Rok Sribar enjoys some read and run
Soča action.

Typical for the section, only one channel is safe. Rok Sribar lines it up.

In many ways it's good that we can't see all the siphons that lurk underwater. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Rok Sribar exits one the larger rapids.

There were a handful of holes with enough power to keep us excited.

Following locals it's not easy to get out for photographs, no scouting excuses. Michael Wutti and Rok Sribar near the end of the run.

Rok Sribar

Michael Wutti splats a fun rock in the paddle out.

We spend two days warming up and getting used to Prijon kayaks, marveling at the scenery every day. Now it's time to head across Italy at night and catch the ferry to Corsica.

Corsica Diary 3

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