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Ecuador 2017/2018

All the bridges. Well, a lot of bridges. We decide to start the day off with the famous "Bridge to Bridge" run on the Quijos, and then continue all the way down to Borja.

Zero photographs on bridge to bridge as we took a moment to enjoy not getting out of the kayaks.

It's amazing the locals let us access the river in what is essentially their driveway.

Looking downstream, nonstop action and an impressive array of power lines.

Shannamar Dewey starts off the run.

This is what Ecuador paddling is about, flowing with the group; Whitney Lonsdale, Kereith Snyder, 
Keith Kishiyama and Shannamar Dewey. 

I'm not planning to get out for photographs, yet from nowhere glorious light emerges with a storm on the ridge. Shannamar heads downstream.

It rains, then it clears, and we enjoy the hot tub again.

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