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Ecuador 2017/2018

The time has come for us to spread our little wings and fly a bit; we leave the Quijos Valley and pass through Baeza

This moonshine...muy peligroso.

A quick shot saying hi to everyone in town.

Then we are off again, and poddle mixes in Ecuador seem just as popular as stateside.

We're in route to Tena, and the Jondachi is between the Quijos and Tena so it's the logical thing to paddle. Flows look a bit low at the bridge.

We should have enough time for the lower, but memory fails a bit during the hike in and we spend some time mincing around on the wrong trail. Should have just paid a local to show the way...we couldn't keep up with the ones we hired to take the boats down though!

By the time we reach the beautiful canyon it's a bit late, so we put the camera away and head downstream.

It's a lot of paddling, but we're happy to make it to take out with a little time to spare, in fact just in time for our wonderful shuttle driver to show up.

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