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Japan Diary 4

We woke up in Minikami to beautiful weather. We started off with a quick drive to check out a first descent but quickly ran into a gate. That option behind us, we quickly returned to Minikami for a quick run down a commercial IV-IV+ run that was too high for them to be on.

Now that's some good access. Where are the playboats?

The canyon into town was a complete surprise for us. No playboat needed. Locked into a B.C. style gorge was a rapid succession of IV-IV+ big water rapids, and with none of us knowing the lines, there were a few wide eyed moments and many big grins. The run continued into town, where it opened up into more India style big water, long multi move wave trains in an open setting.  Damn good fun, but no pictures because we didn't get out of our kayaks. With the high water the run didn't take long, so we drove back to where we'd looked at the first descent, with the goal of running a small creek we'd seen.

    From the road the little creek was very reminiscent of "Shirttail Creek" in California, but on the water quickly changed to "Shittail Creek". Very low volume. Many rocks. Not classic. But entertaining!
Creek or drainage ditch? Ryan Knight having fun either way.

Cody Howard finishes into the lake. Yes this image is pretty heavily post processed, the dynamic range was intense. Amazing what the D700 can pull out of the shadows.

Nikon D700, Samyang 14mm f/2.8 @ 1/1000 f/5.6 ISO 200

Yoshihiro Takahashi headed to the lake as Nick Calderone films.

Off Shittail Creek in the pouring rain, it was still early in the day and there was only one thing to do. Go for run #3 of the day, back to the big water!

This rapid was incredible, about 15,000cfs over a long bedrock slide with some big holes to dodge. The following images were taken with Nick's Nikon D7000. Other than a small buffer, what an amazing camera for shooting big water. The extra 1.4 crop of the smaller sensor makes the 70-300VR a true powerhouse.

Cody Howard

Ryan Knight

Ryan again.

Then back at Lincon's house next to a shrine there was some great culture.

Japan Diary 5

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