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Japan Diary 5

     Minikami water levels seemed to be a bit low outside the big river, so we headed North to pick one off our list. It was in the Fukushima prefecture but outside the danger zone of radiation.

We were having a slow start, so I killed time taking a few more images at the shrine.

Mountains. Much larger than I expected. A ten mile tunnel straight through them made the drive faster than expected.

Well not exactly an exotic bird is it?

A little more driving and it looks like we've found something good.

   A good looking ~40 foot waterfall. Plus some nice lead in drops from 5-10 feet high. The stoke is high. Except downstream the canyon vanishes into a deep dark crack. Quite a crack. In fact too tight to fit a kayak through. Ascending sixty feet up to the railing is possible but would be an immense amount of work. The boys head upstream to check for put-in access while Cody and I look for an egress route. A steep ravine leads to the river, so we head down to check it out.

Cody Howard at the bottom of the ravine.

In the bottom of the canyon we can't see what happens below the falls, as the river makes a large s-turn.

I needed a bath anyways, and swim across and reconnoiter the exit.

Things look good, and the mission is a go. It's too late in the day now. We drive up the highway and camp roadside.

Nikon D700, Samyang 14mm f/2.8 @  15" f/4 ISO 800

Why fifteen seconds and still ISO 800? Pushing the ISO helped pick up the ambient light, so Japan had depth behind it not just a black background.

Japan Diary 6

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