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   Over the years my websites got a bit out of hand. Jefferson State Creeking, Kayakphoto and the River Lover blog. To ease the burden on myself and others, all these sites have been merged into the current location. This the new location for updates of eye candy, thoughts and words, you know, blog stuff. Plus the left sidebar will archive everything, so no more hard to find posts.
    Updating all the websites into one has taken an inordinate amount of time, and I'm happy to return to the occasional post. In that time, I picked up a Sony Nex 5. The main reason was because on sponsored international trips, having a camera fail and being stick without one is not an option. The D700, D200 and assorted lens were a lot of weight. So I splurged and picked this little guy. It has an APS-C sized sensor like the D200, better image quality and noise performance. Sadly lacking in physical controls, it's small and light, but could use more lens options (which are coming in the future). I got mine with the Sony 16mm F2.8 kit lens so it would be "pockatable". Well it's jacket pockatable, but that's about it, it still has some size.  Enough enough, on to an image or two. The following has been pretty heavily cropped and post-processed (at least by my somewhat minimal standards). The kit lens should really be treated as a F4 lens, the performance at 2.8 is pretty dismal. Of course the D700 and Nikkor primes and set my expectations pretty high.

Shannamar Dewey, Box Canyon of the Sacramento River. Sony Nex 5 and Sony 16mm F2.8 @ 1/1000 F2.8 ISO 1600

Cave Springs in the night. Nikon D700, Rokinon 85mm 1.4 @  8" F4 ISO 200