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Sony LA-EA1

Sony DSLR cameras can use not only Sony Alpha Mount lenses, but all Minolta AF lenses too. This opens up some nice legacy glass lens options, especially for users on a budget. The Sony LA-EA1 is an adapter for using these SLR lenses on Sony NEX E Mount cameras, with some limitations. Auto-focus. It's best just to say the LA-EA1 does not support AF, because when it does (SSM lenses only) it's too slow to be useful. Unfortunately it also does not support OSS, IS, VR or whatever else you want to call in lens stabilization.

At this point you might be asking what does the LA-EA1 do? It has a solid, well built, easily removable tripod mount and maintains full EXIF data. I like EXIF data. A lot. Enough for me to sell a Nikon mount Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 and pick up a Sony mount Tamron in conjunction with the LA-EA1, so that I would know exactly what aperture and focal length I am shooting at.

For the last forty plus years SLR cameras open lenses to their maximum aperture until a shot is taken. Just before the shot is taken the aperture closes to the selected value, the shutter opens and an image is captured. Oddly enough, unlike any other mirrorless lens or adapter, the LA-EA1 does the same thing. Unlike SLR cameras, there is a significant delay after the shutter is pressed while the adapter sets the aperture to its chosen value, then takes the shot. Less than a second delay, but enough to make the camera feel like a glorified point and shoot. Absolutely terrible for action photography.

I'm not sure what Sony was thinking with this process, as it's not there in the far superior (except optically) LA-EA2.

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