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Neewer Nikon G to Sony NEX Adapter

 I bought a Neewer Nikon G to Sony NEX adapter hoping that it would cut some weight off Fotodiox adapter I own, as well as not have the light leaking issue and be a better fit, as the Fotodiox is a bit loose on the Nikon F mount side of things. Like the Fotodiox the release lever lets light into the adapter, which, in certain situations, can cause some huge issues. The fit is better, lenses are more secure on the Neewer adapter, but unfortunately the quality is hit or miss too. On mine, the lens release button often gets stuck requiring a pocketknife and some prying to release the lens from the adapter. The aperture adjustment ring also has moments where it sticks while changing aperture. You get what you pay for, and this case less.  The adapter lasted about a month before falling apart.