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    Shooting whitewater with a tilt/shift is a true challenge. Tilt shift lenses lend themselves to slow, ponderous use while mounted on a tripod. Not exactly the story while on the river, as most kayakers are not known for their patience. Plus the D700 with a battery grip and tilt shift lens on it stack up to enough weight without adding in a tripod. So far it's been hit and miss for me, I hope my ratio of keepers improves. I had to crop this one, but the image quality holds up. Unfortunately I shot it in a manner that is really just imitating a fast lens here. Of course, even a fast lens wouldn't be this out of focus off the paddler because of the short focal length needed.
   Perhaps the most annoying thing about the Arsat 35mm f/2.8 t/s is that there are no aperture clicks, so it's not recorded in the exif and I am left to test my memory for that data.

 Enough rambling, Will Pruett on Webber Creek.

Nikon D700, Arsat 35mm f/2.8 t/s   @  8° tilt 1/1000 F4 ISO 400