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    Finally used the Tilt/Shift lens while kayaking in a way that can't be truly copied by photoshop. I can't say I completely understand the dynamics of the Scheimpflug principle, but I do get the general idea and can put them to use on occasion. I have to give up after a minute looking at that page. Kayaking doesn't offer up too many scenes where the extended depth of field can be used to advantage, but I've been looking for chances to test it out. Here the water in the foreground is only a few feet from the camera and retains a nice focus with paddlers Taylor Cavin and Gareth Tate on the Upper Middle Cosumnes. Way more depth of field than would normally be achieved at f/5.6.

Nikon D700, Arsat 35mm f/2.8 T/S @ 4* 1/1000 F5.6 ISO 400

A more obvious example of the principle in use from Savannah, Georgia.

Sony Nex-5, Arsat 35mm f/2.8 T/S @ 0.8" F4 ISO 200