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Taylor Cavin gets in the Lobster Pot. Silver Creek, California. Take Two

   Besides getting a photograph technically correct and choosing a good angle, timing is one of the most important aspects. This is somewhere where your gear selection can make a massive difference, simply because of the ability to sequence a number of shots and choose the best. Strangely enough, choosing the best isn't always as easy as it seems. Last night I chose the most obvious shot that shows the whole boat and has a nice aggressive paddle stroke and body position. But a one a few later in the sequence tells the story of the rapid with much more drama.

The first image from yesterday.

   The whole rock on the left is showing in this image, which is what I'd originally intended and it looks a lot better. It looks a little odd being cut off in the above image.  On top of that, Taylor's boat dropping in gives the size of the drop some relevance and adds to the drama considerably, because something is about to happen now, not two strokes later. For the same angle and only a slight difference in framaing and timing, the second image stands a lot stronger.  Moral of the story? Sometimes you have to shoot a lot and choose the image with due consideration.

Nikon D700, Nikkor 70-300VR @ 112mm 1/800 f/8 ISO 400