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4th of July

   First off, happy belated 4th of July. Hope everyone that wastes their time here had a fantastic one. Our fourth was spent in fun relaxed/hectic style as only time with family can be. A shot a few nice time lapses over the weekend, but am waiting for a friend to put them to use in his video, as I have not yet found any basic software that I like for putting them together.

The time lapse is just this for eight hours. The big surprise was the climbers headlamps started to show on the mountain early in the morning.

Nikon D700, Nikkor 50mm f/2  @  15" f/2.8 ISO 3200

   Previous to the weekend I had envisioned shooting some classic/cliche shots of the fireworks over Lake Siskiyou with Mount Shasta in the background. I think we've all seen those before and it's often tempting to just recreate what we've already seen. Instead, spending time with family led to what for me are more interesting images, and not at all what I had originally planned on shooting. I was thinking classic tripod work with a few second exposure and some pretty lights. Instead, in one early image I got a nice silhouette of one of the attendees against the fireworks and decided that was the shot I wanted and switched lenses so I could hand hold and freeze the person too. Below are two of my favorites from way too many shots trying to get the focus and timing right.

Nikon D700, Samyang 85mm 1.4  @  1/200 f/1.4 ISO 1600

Nikon D700, Samyang 85mm 1.4  @  1/125 f/1.4 ISO 1600