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Dark Side

   People get really into the Nikon/Canon pride of ownership deal. As they say, the things you own, own you. I've been shooting Nikon for years because at the time the D50 offered the best bang for the buck for me. Plus it wasn't in silver. I'm not too bad of a camera junky, the progression has been natural: D50, D200, D700. On the other hand the search for a smaller camera with video has not treated me so well, in the last year it's been the Sony Nex 5, Panastonic GH2 and now the Canon S95. I would have stuck with the Nex 5 if it had manual video controls or even AE lock. But it doesn't. The GH2 was great for video but fell short on stills for me, and was just too big to carry around all the time. I went with the S95 because it's "pocketable" , has a decently fast f/2 lens, shoots raw and has AE lock for video. It's amazingly small, something I won't mind carying around all the time.
Tiny little thing vs the 70-300VR

It'll even fit in an Otter Box 1000, which is really small.

And something a little different. If I wasn't so lazy I'd go back and touch the white balance a little bit. I was using a polarizer to cut down the ambient light, which gives it too much of a blue tint. Shannamar Dewey.

Nikon D700, Samyang 85mm f/1.4 @ 1/250 f/1.4 ISO 100