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Operational schedules are determined daily. Because round one was a week late, and all the judges votes are in, the competition is moving forward with fourteen people advancing. There were some incredible entries, and some very tough choices for the judges. As the popular vote reflected, bracket K was the toughest call, coming in very, very close. I'd like to let both entries advance, as in my opinion they were two of the strongest overall entries. But that's not how this works, rules are rules. If you did not advance, please submit an image asap for the wild card round. Judges will pick their two favorites out of the wild card round, and two will return to competition. If you advanced, now is a good time to send in an image for round two. Thanks again to Taylor Robertson, Aaron Schmidt, Clay Wright and Jason Craig for judging. It's fun because they all see things in different ways. I don't vote in the judging, but do like to commentate. Now for the results:

Bracket A: Two great images, personally I loved the lighting in Ben Yorks image of David Ernst on the White Salmon, but David Spiegel wins with his beautiful image of Sam Grafton running Eagle Falls on the Skykomish River.

Bracket B: Once again another strong bracket, I like that Leif Anderson's photo of Natalie on the Little White is well framed and ready to go. Perhaps industry judges saw the potential in Tom Janney's shot from the Devil's Postpile, which I initially saw too and took the liberty of cropping to show here what I think is the heart of the image. With a 3-2 vote Tom Janney advances into the next round.

Entry                                                                                                Cropped version

Bracket C: Once again another close vote, I like the look on the paddlers face in Laurent Guyot's shot, but Max Ovett takes it three to two with his shot of Sam Ovett.

Bracket D: I was surprised by Bracket D. To my taste the super warm white balance combined with a yellow boat and awkward paddle stroke moment don't do it for me, but apparently it works for the judges as Sam Ovett advances four to one with his image of Max Ovett running Sunshine on the green river. I think Nick Gottlieb's image would have done a lot better if Isaac Levenson wasn't in an orange boat, which just doesn't pop from the tannic water.

Bracket E: Another close call, Bryonn Dorr advances 3-2 with his image of "The Dogg" on the North Fork Lewis River. The orange boat contrasts nicely with the greenery, and I like the natural framing going on. Perhaps Mikkel St.Jean-Duncan was hoping this would be an easy round and he would sneak this one by, because I've seen better work from him in the magazines :)

Bracket F: I assumed this was going to be a close one too. John's Websters ice image is unique and fresh, while Steve Arn's Upper Cherry image is as classic as the whitewater. I think judges were looking for images that make them want to be on the water, and let's face it, sunny warm Upper Cherry sounds like a lot more fun than ice boating; Steve Arns advances.

Bracket G:  Half the paddle, twice the man. Ian Buckley pulls a trump card and his image breezes past Gavin Harts into the next round.

Bracket H. I enjoy the texture of the canyon wall in Brian Vogt's image, but when I first saw Scott Martin's shot of Tyler Curtis I knew it would have no problem advancing. I'll let the shot speak for itself.

Bracket I: I like both of these images. Perhaps Jay Lynn's would have been a little better as a horizontal because the left side leaves too much unknown making my eye wander out of the image. The blacks are crushed too much for my taste in Natalie Kramer Anderson's
shot if Leif Anderson, but it gives a cool tunnel effect and advances into the next round.

Bracket J: The rock texture combined with fall colors and a matching boat just make this shot by Eric Chance feel right. Adrian Tregoning's shot had great color too, but Eric's was a clear favorite of the judges and advances.

Bracket K: This was a hard one for everyone. Two great images, the first is Evan Garcia's shot of Anton Immler on the Rio Nevados. This drop has been shot a lot, and everything else I've seen of it has been mediocre. Ultra wide angle shots rarely do it for me, but this one does it right, lots of pop from color and good light, the paddler fills up enough of the frame. On the downside the action is happening right in your face and it doesn't leave a lot to be told. On the other hand, Eric Parkers shot leaves a lot to be told. It's done in difficult lighting too. I'm actually quite familiar with this section of river as I was involved in the first descent. Only slightly involved, as I spent this day pooping my pants and throwing up in the jungles of Vera Cruz. All the shots I've seen of this waterfall have been head on, and this is a nice refreshing view that takes in the scenery and leaves almost too much up to the imagination. Both are stellar shots, the judges were split and so was the public, but in the last day Eric edged out Evan winning with 51% to 49% of the popular vote.

Bracket L: Jim Janneys photo takes some time to soak in. There is a lot that is going to happen in the future of this picture and I like it. Mike Leeds image lets you know that somethings going to happen too, and from the video I've seen it's quite entertaining. The judges found it that way too as Mike Leeds edges out Jim Janney.

Bracket M: Brian Murphy has great lighting in his photo, but I find the paddlers position awkward, it looks like a half brace half stroke, and I can't really tell what he is trying to do. Daniel Ruckers image of Daniel Brasuell running LRC is the best Clay Wright has ever seen of the drop. That's saying a lot. It's a great image, but the over done saturation makes me feel like I'm staring at it through a hangover. Daniel and Daniel advance to round two.

Bracket N: To be totally honest here, neither image really does it for me. I like good lighting and scenery, but Paul Siskind's image needs a subject to keep things interesting. I've seen enough of the Grand Canyon that a picture of it is not that interesting on its own these days. Greg McColm's image of Martin Vollen on the Otterstokkfossen in Norway is almost beautiful, but I have a passionate dislike for HDR photography, or over manipulation. I believe a beautiful image could come out of the original raw file though. Regardless of my tastes, Greg advances into round two!

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